General Membership

What are the categories of membership within CFA Boston?
They are Regular, Affiliate, Adjunct, Candidate and Student. Regular and Affiliate memberships entail membership with CFA Institute and CFA Society Boston, while Adjunct, Candidate and Student memberships are exclusive to CFA Society Boston.

What are the differences between Affiliate and Regular memberships?
Affiliate membership requires 1-3 years of work experience and enrollment in Level I of the CFA Program; Regular membership requires 4,000 hours of work experience completed in a minimum of 36 months and completion of Level I of the CFA exam. Benefits for both are the same with the exception that Affiliate members cannot serve on the CFA Society Boston Board, or vote.

How do I apply for membership?
Depending on the category of membership, you will either submit an online application with CFA Society Boston or initiate an application online with CFA Institute. Please click here to determine your category eligibility.

Do I need to have my CFA charter to become a CFA Society Boston member?  
No, an individual does not need to have his/her charter in order to apply for membership. Applicants with at least one year of industry work experience can be considered for membership. Click here for our membership requirements.  

I am a recent graduate and am no longer eligible for student membership; do I qualify for another membership type?  
To best determine your eligibility, please review our membership types online here. If you have any additional questions, email CFA Society Boston directly.

I have passed Level III of the CFA Exam, but do not have the required 48 months for my charter, can I still be a member of CFA Society Boston?  
Yes, Affiliate membership would bet the most appropriate membership category. Once 48 months have been accrued, you can initiate an Upgrade application.

I’ve changed firms/moved, how can I update my contact information to ensure I receive emails from CFA Society Boston?
Login to your Member Profile to change your firm name, mailing or email contact info. This is the best way to keep CFA Society Boston updated with any changes to your information.

I’ve forgotten my CFA Society Boston login credentials, how can I retrieve my information?
Click on the “forgot my password” link. You will then be prompted to verify your email address and a link will be sent to you to change your password.

Due to personal or unforeseen circumstances I am unable to maintain my membership, do I qualify for Professional Leave? 
In response to COVID-19, CFA Institute is relaxing the five-year active membership requirement for Professional Leave for the 2022–2023 membership year. If you have been a member for fewer than five years and are not working full time in the industry, you are also eligible for Professional Leave status and a reduced membership fee.
Professional Leave is available for the following circumstances:
Change of profession (outside of the investment industry)
Family, health, personal matters
Full-time student
If you meet the requirements for Professional Leave status, you may qualify for the reduced CFA Institute membership fee of USD100 upon request. Click here for more information.

For questions related to Student Membership and CFA Society Boston University-College Partner Program click here.

Application Requirements/ References

How long does it take to process my application to CFA Society Boston?
The time between an application being initiated and it being reviewed by the Board may take anywhere from 4-6 weeks, depending on the volume of applicants in the queue.  

When does the Board review applications?
The CFA Society Boston Board will typically review applications on a monthly basis with the exception of July and August.

How will I be notified of the status of my application after it has been reviewed by the Board?
All applicants for review will receive email notification from CFA Institute. Applicants who miss the Board review cutoff date will be slated for consideration in the next review.  

I’ve been notified of my CFA Society Boston membership approval, what do I do now?  
Congratulations! You’ll be asked to login to create a member account – from here you will update your contact information. Please note that the information from your application will be used in our database. It is important that you update any contact information with CFA Society Boston upon activation of your membership.

My CFA Society Boston application denotes that it is “awaiting society approval."  What are the next steps?
No further action is required on the part of the applicant. CFA Society Boston is in possession of the application and it will be slated for consideration by the Board.

My CFA Institute Account indicates that I have 30 decision days left, will my application expire if it is not approved by then?
No, an application will not expire if it is reviewed beyond the 30-day period.  

My application’s work experience was rejected, can I reapply?  
Yes. Rejected applicants can initiate another application. Please review the work experience guidelines and work experience sample descriptions before doing so.

My application has been rejected, will I be required to find obtain sponsors again?
No. An applicant’s professional references are not nullified if his/her application is rejected. They are stored and carry over once another application is initiated.  

I’m applying for an Upgrade, do I need to provide/obtain additional sponsors?
No. As a CFA Institute member, your sponsor requirements have already been met and no further references are necessary.

What types of references are required for my application?
To best determine your application requirements, please review our membership options online here

How does my professional reference send in his/her form?
An applicant’s professional reference is submitted online. Upon submitting your application, please share this link with your references. 

Member Status/Dues

How do I renew my CFA Society Boston dues?
Regular and Affiliate members will pay dues for both CFA Institute and CFA  Society Boston via their CFA Institute account, as dues are billed through CFA Institute for these member types.  If you’re unsure if you have an account or cannot recall your login,click here or contact CFA Institute at 800.247.8132.  Adjunct, Candidate and Student members are billed directly through CFA Society Boston.  Dues renewal notices are sent out every June to these member categories.  Any questions regarding your membership status can be directed to Caitlin Goudreau.

I’ve paid my annual dues, but I’ve been notified that my membership has “lapsed,” what does this mean?
An annual PCS (Professional Conduct Statement) may not have been submitted, or you may have only paid a portion of your dues.  Verify your total payment to ensure that you’ve paid for BOTH CFA Society Boston and CFA Institute (total of $474).  To make a dues payment or submit your PCS, please login to your CFA Institute account or contact CFA Institute directly at 800.247.8132.

What are CFA Society Boston annual membership dues?
CFA Society Boston annual dues for Regular/Affiliate members are $175. Adjunct Members members pay $175. Student and Candidate members do not pay dues.

How are my CFA Society Boston dues billed?
The CFA Society Boston fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30. All CFA Boston dues renewals are billed prior to July 1 for the upcoming year. They are NOT billed on an anniversary cycle (i.e. member is approved in December and billed for renewal the following December).

My membership has “lapsed” or been inactive for over a year, how do I reactivate?
Please login to your CFA Institute account to review your memberships; you can pay dues and renew for the current/upcoming fiscal year here.

Do Retired status members have different benefits than Regular members?
No. Retired status members still enjoy all the benefits of a Regular or Affiliate CFA Society Boston member.

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