Adjunct Membership

Adjunct Membership Requirements


  • Hold a position in the profession of investment management or in a related field
  • Complete the Adjunct Membership Applicationand submit with your current resume
  • Ask your supervisor to sign and submit a Sponsorship Form, AND
  • Ask a Regular member of CFA Society Boston to submit a signed Sponsorship Form

Sponsor Forms:
Applicants for Adjunct Membership must be sponsored by:

  1. Two Regular CFA Institute members of the Corporation (If the Regular CFA Institute member requirement cannot be met, then a supplementary sponsorship by an additional work supervisor is required.)
  2. Work Supervisor 

Click here to access Adjunct Membership Sponsor Form.
Once the CFA Society Boston Board has approved your application for Adjunct Membership, you will be billed the annual dues of $175. 

Adjunct Membership Application


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