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Event Registration - Sustainable Investing Seminar: Moving Into The Mainstream

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Wednesday, November 13, 2019
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
Online Registration is CLOSED. Walk-Ins will be accepted at the door pending availability.

Sustainable Investing: Moving Into the Mainstream

We highlight our Sustainable Investing Initiative each year with an annual Sustainable Investing seminar. This event has become a leading venue for exposure to innovation and best practices in this rapidly growing area of investment management. Designed to help mainstream professionals, this event brings together thought leaders, practitioners, and asset owners to provide practical advice and share experience-based examples and insights. We present large themes and connect those themes to professional practice and selectively include emerging areas of practice. And most importantly, attendees participate in a conversation including both asset owners and expert practitioners. Mainstreaming Sustainable Investing is our goal and mainstream investment professionals are our target audience. Attendees serve a range of clients from high net worth individuals and family offices through large institutional investors. They work for small firms and global asset managers. The organization and structure of the seminar consciously maintains the feel of a smaller forum to encourage conversations between speakers and attendees. At the same time, the diversity of the participants has been frequently cited as providing unique learning and networking opportunities.

Keynote: An Impact Investing Conversation

The rapid growth and evolution of impact investing presents investors and their advisors a range of new challenges and opportunities. Addressing and measuring both financial and societal (impact) risk and return is new territory. This conversation will provide data about trends in utilization of impact investing strategies, share common themes related to the ways HNW individuals and foundations are approaching impact investing, highlight some of the challenges of implementing impact-oriented strategies and offer recommendations for how to respond to those challenges.

  • Pamela Norley, President, Fidelity Charitable
  • Fran Seegull, Executive Director, U.S. Impact Investing Alliance

ESG Integration in Fixed Income - Investment Grade, High Yield & Municipal

Three portfolio managers - specialized in investment grade, high yield and municipal credit - explore the value of ESG integration in fixed income from the perspective of a manager with a medium to long-term investment horizon. Topics of interest include ESG for proper risk management, ESG integration in fundamental credit analysis, overcoming weak ESG disclosure in high yield securities, perspectives on issuer engagement and climate change in a portfolio context.

  • Max Messervy, Mercer, Senior Associate, Responsible Investment
  • Barbara J. McKenna, CFA, Managing Principal, Portfolio Manager, Longfellow Investment Management Co LLC
  • Peter Schwab, CFA, SVP, Portfolio Manager - Pax High Yield Bond Fund, Impax Asset Management LLC
  • Rob Fernandez, CFA, Vice President, Director of ESG Research, Breckinridge Capital Advisors

Bonds with Impact

Three executives discuss bonds with impact - green/blue/sustainability bonds - from an issuer's perspective. The executives represent a diverse issuer base and are backed by decades of experience working at corporations, local agencies and supranationals. A conversation led by a specialized analyst will cover topics including rationale for issuance, perceived pricing advantage, additional costs and investor appetite.

  • June Choi, Climate Finance Analyst, Climate Policy Initiative
  • Steven Nichols, Director, ESG Capital Markets, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • Jeffery R. Diehl, CEO, Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank
  • Aki Jain, Senior Financial Officer, Capital Markets, World Bank Treasury

Industry and Issue Forum: Toxicity

Responsible use of chemicals is essential to the creation of products used by consumers worldwide. Some chemicals found in everyday consumer products are known to harm human health and the environment. Public awareness of these toxics continues to increase, posing serious risks and potential legal liabilities for the companies involved. Most of these chemicals are outside the traditional regulatory and safety systems. The science can seem bewilderingly complex. The risks to investors are often difficult to analyze and quantify. This panel will provide investment professionals a framework to navigate the chemistry and then take a deeper dive into the legal and investment implications of PFAS and glyophosphate - two chemicals in the headlines today.

  • Holly Froum, Litigation Analyst, Bloomberg Intelligence
  • Andrew Brady, Co-head of Stressed/Distressed Research/Sr Analyst, CreditSights
  • Tom Bruton, PhD, Senior Scientist, Green Science Policy Institute

ESG in Manager Diligence, Selection and Monitoring — A Deep Dive
A growing body of research points to improved risk management and thus better risk adjusted returns when integrating ESG analysis into an investment process. The apparent benefits of ESG integration are driving what seems like an explosion of uptake by institutional investment managers.

Recent estimates of ESG-aware institutional equity products point to nearly 60% of all actively managed assets with some level of awareness. Other surveys point to more than ¼ of professionally managed assets integrating ESG in some way. While ESG awareness is becoming mainstream within the institutional market, it is unclear how much of this is greenwashing.

Two trends appear to be firmly in place - growing demand for ESG integration from asset owners and a drive by managers to integrate ESG to differentiate themselves. Consultants and diligence experts sit at the center of these trends. Topics our panel will discuss include approaches to ESG integration process diligence, insights into exclusionary and inclusionary approaches used by some managers in tandem with ESG risk rankings, and best practices and strategies

  • Brittany Bascom, Global Head of Investment Analysis, John Hancock Investments
  • Sarah Hoyt, Investment Director, Mission Related Investing, Cambridge Associates
  • Kristine Pelletier, Partner, NEPC
  • Andrew Wetzel, CFA, Portfolio Manager, F.L. Putnam Investment Management Company Inc

Putting Data to Work - Managing Climate Risk
With the emergence of a range of new frameworks, standards, and regulations, this panel will explore how asset managers are using 3rd party providers and building in-house capabilities to address TCFD reporting requirements and the market expectation for climate scenario and risk analysis.

  • Frederick W. Isleib III, CFA, Director of ESG Research & Integration, Manulife Asset Management
  • Anja Ludzuweit, Vice President, Climate Specialist, MSCI

Performance in Sustainable Investing - Practitioner and Academic Research
A range of papers and studies have found that companies with high ESG Ratings have higher profitability, lower risk, and lower volatility. This session will analyze the relationship between ESG and risk and return and go beyond correlation to a discussion and exploration of causation.

  • Mike Chen, PanAgora Asset Management Direct Portfolio Management
  • Abhishek Gupta, CFA, Vice President, Equity Solutions Research, MSCI
  • Asha Mehta, CFA, Acadian Asset Management, Inc. SVP, Director, Portfolio Manager

For full speaker bios visit our Sustainable Investing Seminar Page.

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Registration Details:

Member Registration
Early Bird until September 1st | $250
Regular Registration Sept 2 - Nov 5 | $300
Late Registration after Nov 5th | $325

Non-Member Registration
Early Bird until September 1st | $350
Regular Registration Sept 2 - Nov 5 | $400
Late Registration after Nov 5th | $425

Online Registration is CLOSED. Walk-Ins will be accepted at the door pending availability.

Westin Waterfront
425 Summer Street
Harbor Ballroom
Boston, MA 02210
Member Registration
Early Bird until September 1st | $250
Regular Registration Sept 2 - Nov 5 | $300
Late Registration after Nov 5th | $325

Non-Member Registration
Early Bird until September 1st | $350
Regular Registration Sept 2 - Nov 5 | $400
Late Registration after Nov 5th | $425
CFA Boston has determined that this event qualifies for 8 CE credit hour under the guidelines of CFA Institute's Continuing Education Program.Ê If you are a CFA Institute member, CE credit for your participation in this event will be automatically recorded in your CE tracking tool.