What Is Putting Investors First?

The Putting Investors First initiative is an awareness campaign that highlights the importance of investor rights and encourages investment professionals across the globe to better serve and protect investors.


Three simple letters that mean so much more than the words behind them. Ask any one of the 150,000 charterholders around the world who’ve earned the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation and they’ll proudly tell you that they put investors first and fervently support CFA Institute's mission to generate awareness around protecting investor interests, increasing trust, and ensuring that all investment professionals understand their role.

2018 Putting Investors First Programs

Wednesday, April 4, 8:30 am—4:00 pm

Mastering Leadership Initiatives — Creating Exceptional Business Leaders
Babson Boston Campus

Tuesday, May 15, 12:15 pm—2:00 pm

Putting Emotional Finance to Work
Hyatt Regency Boston

Wednesday, May 16, 1:30 pm—3:00 pm

Annual Ice Cream Sandwich Social to Celebrate our Commitment to Putting Investors First
Dewey Square, Boston

2018 Video

Paul Smith, CFA, CFA Institute President and CEO

Board of Governors

YouTube Playlist

Focus on Fees

Investors need to take an active role in their financial future:

Investors have a right to an explanation of all fees and costs with information showing that expenses are fair and reasonable.

3rd Investor Trust Study

CFA Institute released its third Investor Trust Study:
  • Trust levels have risen since 2016.
  • Unfortunately, it's not all good news. 
  • Increased trust comes with higher expectations.  

We hope you find the research that follows useful, as you seek to serve your clients effectively and navigate the next generation of investor trust.

Tactics, Tools & Tips

Use our collection of Tactics, Tools & Tips to:
  • Improve dialogue with colleagues & clients.
  • Use hashtag #InvestorsFirst. 
  • Play an active role in Putting Investors First. 

With a rigorous certification program, a strict ethical code, and an unparalleled understanding of client needs, we put investors first.

Focus On Fees
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Next Generation of Trust
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