Financial Literacy Initiative


To close the financial literacy gap by imparting financial knowledge without conflicts of interest, thereby improving the lives of the current and future investing public, the credibility of our industry and ultimately, the stability of our economy.

CFA Society Boston’s Financial Literacy Initiative is a community outreach program designed to consolidate valuable financial literacy content and make it widely available as a resource to the general investing public. We strike alliances with non-profit groups, leveraging their reach to access a wide variety of audiences, from late high school onward. Since its inception in 2014, the initiative has grown year-over-year in multiple ways: 1) Member Engagement; 2) Active non-profit alliances; 3) Number of lives touched. 

Now, more than 180 CFA Society Boston members – all financial professionals – volunteer to develop, market, and distribute educational modules to improve financial literacy The initiative is topic-driven and targets people of all ages and backgrounds. The program addresses issues such as Personal Finance, Basics of Investing, Retirement, Bonds vs. Equities, Choosing a Bank, and more. It is so heartwarming to see the enthusiasm of both our volunteers and our audiences. We are truly making a difference in people’s lives, helping us to fulfill the CFA Society Boston mission of “serving the investing public.”

Alliance Leaders

Our model assigns a volunteer leader to each non-profit alliance. Each leader cultivates relationships with non-profit alliances, helps to determine the financial literacy needs of the alliance's constituents, directs a team to develop content (or adapt existing content), and schedules presentations. This structure helps to delegate efforts across our volunteer base and keep the initiative scalable. 

Current Alliances

CFA Society Boston volunteers actively engage with members of the investing public ranging from high school students to senior citizens. Whether conducting a 12-part series for Boston Public Schools via Private Industry Council, participating in a Financial Literacy Fair with Year Up, teaching finance and investment concepts to Invest In Girls' high school students, helping New Sector Alliance fellows understand taxes, or discussing retirement with senior citizens at local libraries, our volunteers are helping to bridge the financial literacy gap.   

  • Boston PIC (Private Industry Council)
    The mission of the Boston PIC is to strengthen Boston's communities and its workforce by connecting youth and adults with education and employment opportunities that align with the needs of area employers.

  • Year Up
    Year Up is a one-year, intensive training program that provides low-income young adults, ages 18-24, with a combination of hands-on skills development, coursework eligible for college credit, corporate internships, and wraparound support.

  • Inari Agriculture
    Inari Agriculture is a venture capital funded, early stage biotech company located in Kendall Square. It is developing a seed foundry built upon extensive genetic knowledge and expert capability. As part of its wellness program for its 100 employees, CFA Society Boston Financial Literacy volunteers will participate in quarterly training at Inari employee "lunch and learn" programs.

  • Invest In Girls
    Invest in Girls teaches high school girls financial concepts, exposes them to professional women role models, and introduces them to financial services companies and career paths in finance to empower them to become tomorrow's leaders.  

  • Public Libraries
    We have presented Financial Literacy content to the general public as part of libraries' lecture series in Boston, Everett, Hingham, and Waltham. Our volunteers regularly reach out to new library contacts in an effort to expand this alliance and continue to increase financial literacy among the general investing public.

  • Barbara Lynch Gruppo
    Barbara Lynch, a premiere restaurateur and chef from Boston, owns and operates several restaurants including the likes of No. 9 Park, B& G Oysters, Menton, and Drink. Our volunteers work with restaurant staff to help guide financial literacy-related decisions, taking into account the challenges associated with fluctuating levels of income based on seasonality. 

  • Junior Achievement and Cathedral High School
    Working with Junior Achievement guidebooks and a Learning Platform that provides materials and videos, volunteers present 45-minute sessions using a workshop model with 15-minute breakout sessions during which groups and pairs work together on financial literacy assignments.

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CFA Society Boston's Financial Literacy Initiative Overview

May We Recommend

Treasury Department's My Financial Life MA - Deb Goldberg

Massachusetts State Treasurer Goldberg and the Office of Economic Empowerment recently launched My Financial Life MA — a multimedia platform with targeted financial education for all lifestages. This is an excellent Financial Literacy resource. 


Pepperdine University has developed an extensive guide that helps kids, teens and students better understand what it means to be financially literate. Fine information on budgeting, saving, and practical money skills while preparing for student loans, credit cards, and a good credit history. Pepperdine's goal is to offer materials that prepare youth for a successful transition to adulthood.

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