38th Annual Market Dinner: A New Outlook- Make it Count

Join CFA Society Boston for a new outlook on our signature event, the 38th Annual Market Dinner on Wednesday, April 3, 2024 from 5:30-8:30 PM at the Omni Boston Hotel at the Seaport. We will welcome Kyle Arrington, NFL Superbowl Champion, Community Leader, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Author, to speak about leadership, community and making a difference.

Kyle made his life’s mission to give back and make a positive impact, both on and off the field. 
“It simply comes down to reinforcing the idea that we represent so much more than ourselves. Our message, interactions and impact can reverberate for generations to come. We each will tell our story, one act at a time.” Kyle Arrington.
Kyle will share his story and philosophy with our members and guests, sharing how his philosophy can apply to all of us, both professionally and personally. He will tie his mission to the CFA Society Boston mission of promoting the highest ethical standards, best practices and professional development within the investment community, but more importantly in building trust and giving back to the communities we serve. 

We all have the opportunity to Make It count, which comes down to the willingness to plant trees under whose shade we do not intend to sit. Kyle will share what it means to lead by example and make the right decision, even when it’s the hard decision. He will discuss how we can equip our future leaders with the tools, resources and opportunities to break barriers as well as cycles.  
Kyle will then join Sarah Samuels, CFA, CAIA, CFA Society Boston Chair for a Fireside Chat to discuss mission alignment with the society, challenges and triumphs in his journey, and of course his time on the Pats. Kyle will open up about his accomplishments and the varying pieces that fit together to create success.

Charterholders, investors, and guests will leave with relevant leadership concepts and a new outlook on investing- investing in more than just money and portfolios but also in people so that we can Make It Count! 

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Kyle Arrington, NFL Superbowl Champion, Community Leader, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Author

If there are two words that best align with Super Bowl Champion Kyle Arrington, they are "family and community". Being an undrafted free agent from the University of Hofstra, Kyle surpassed all odds, by remaining committed to his conviction and drive, which earned him a starting position in the National Football League (NFL).

Kyle’s 2008 - 2017 professional football career led him to participate in two Super Bowls. The first was in 2012 at Super Bowl XLVI (46) and in 2015 at Super Bowl XLIX (49) where he earned his first Super Bowl ring and win with the New England Patriots. He was an integral part of his team's success throughout his tenure playing at the highest level. Kyle also led his team in individual stat categories as well as becoming an NFL Interception Leader in 2011.

Being raised and influenced by great parents to amazing teachers and a supportive community, Kyle has always been aware that it takes a village to raise a child. To give back and make a positive impact has been his mission on and off the field. Since retiring from the NFL in 2017, Kyle's purpose has been to pay that original investment forward and continue to be an example to our current generation, those emerging and yet to come. 
It’s Kyle’s life philosophy that led him to put words into action by starting his nonprofit, The E.V.O.L.V.E Foundation in 2019. The Foundation has succeeded in implementing programs such as the Reading and Running Initiative for Elementary Aged students, teaching the importance of literacy, fitness, and unity. And his Free Youth Football Camp that just celebrated its 8th year and has supported over 2,000 kids to date.
He's never lost his passion to help people. With an already commendable resume, Kyle has added the title "author" to his list of achievements. His first book entitled "Piece It Together!" is a children's book that motivates kids to work collectively and teaches them about "science. technology. engineering and mathematics, also known as "STEM*. This past May Kyle’s book was featured at the Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France.
Currently, Kyle is a weekly FOX 5 DC contributor where he shares football insights and commentaries.

Kyle believes that the pursuit of greatness is a team effort. He believes that there is no journey, no pursuit, and no success without our community.