Pat Zerega, Senior Director Shareholder Advocacy Executive, Mercy Investment Services

Pat was trained as a rehabilitation counselor and within that arena found a variety of venues to practice. In her early career in Detroit she ran a work program for folks with intellectual disabilities. In addition to the insight to the issues faced by those with a disability, it was a crucial moment in Detroit. The auto industry and its suppliers were facing foreign competition. As being part of the supply chain for the auto industry the impact of ‘Just in Time delivery’ and a new quality standard was felt by all.

Moving to Pittsburgh allowed her to spend time in the new arena of developing programs for people living with HIV disease. Pittsburgh was impacted by this disease later than other communities around the country but the impact was the same, people came home for hospice care. Pharmaceuticals were unavailable and unaffordable, a problem today in many countries.

For over the last fifteen years Pat has worked in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility. Beginning this work with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America she now also works with Mercy Investment Services, a broad SRI program including screening, proxy voting, filing shareholder resolutions, and corporate engagement. Areas of interest to the faith community include not only the typical governance issues but many concerns in the area of human rights especially around the issue of trafficking and labor rights where Pat leads the human rights/human trafficking work group at ICCR and has developed shareholder works specifically aimed at addressing the trucking industry.