Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Code for the Investment Profession in the United States and Canada


Join CFA Society Boston, in collaboration with CFA Institute, in providing guidance and practical ways for the investment industry to embrace and realize diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are crucial elements in the future of the investment industry and the success of investment firms. CFA Society Boston and CFA Institute recognize that a diversity of perspectives will lead to better investor outcomes; an inclusive investment industry will better serve our diverse society.

To help ensure this critical initiatives, CFA Institute has developed the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Code for the Investment Profession in the United States and Canada ("DEI Code"), launched on February 24, 2022. Leaders and members of CFA Society Boston participated in the CFA Institute working group, alongside supporting organization Nicsa, to develop this voluntary code to guide DEI. DEI is a core pillar of CFA Society Boston’s strategic plan and we encourage members and Boston firms to join us in supporting the DEI Code.

Boston Member Firm Signatories of the DEI Code


 3EDGE Asset Management Fiera Capital Corporation
Neuberger Berman
 ACA Group  Franklin Templeton Northern Trust Asset Management 
  Global Delta Capital  Nubian Square Investment Advisors, LLC 
 Acadian Asset Management GMO
Adams Street Partners, LLC Granahan Investment Management, Inc. 
Oaktree Capital Management 
 Angel Oak Capital Advisors, LLC GW&K Investment Management, LLC Paceline Equity Partners, LLC 
 ARGA Investent Management, LP
 Harding Loevner LP
Payden & Rygel
Ariel Investments    Income Research + Management 

Pension Reserves Investment Management (PRIM) Board
 Bernzott Capitol Advisors   Insight Investments   PGIM 
 Black Rock

Integrated Quantitative Investments, LLC   Polen Capital
Calamos Investments  

Leeward Investments, LLC.
Prime Buchholz
Callan Legal & General Investment Management America, Inc   Promethos Capital 
 Cambridge Associates  Loomis Sayles   Redwood Investments, LLC.
Cardinal Investment Advisors
 MassPRIM   Responsible Alpha 
CFA Society Boston


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Objectives of the Code

       Meet the industry where it is
     Define the current state. 
       Define key principles for firms to implement
     Drive improvement from a realistic foundation.
       Provide a metrics-based reporting framework
     Produce meaningful results.

The DEI Code (USA and Canada) and Implementation Guidance

Become a Signatory to the DEI Code (USA and Canada)

Questions on the DEI Code or need assistance signing on? Email [email protected].

Boston Based Firms Among First Signers to DEI Code

Melinda Wright, Global Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Cambridge Associates: 
“Cambridge Associates represents ‘a room of the willing’ – people who want to see change and are committed to being part of it. We want our firm to be a highly impactful organization and exceed expectations for our clients. Diversity, equity and inclusion, when done well, helps accomplish these business objectives. Becoming a signatory of the Code is one example of the incredibly thoughtful work happening to create meaningful impact.” 

Scott Hayward, Chief Executive Officer, GMO: 
“GMO has always valued diverse perspectives and has a deep commitment to respecting and celebrating differences. Recognizing the importance of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging is a hallmark of our culture. We know that using multiple lenses to solve investment problems creates better results for our clients. Seeking out these views also leads to stronger employee engagement. Through our commitment to the DEI Code, we are working to further social awareness at GMO and accelerate these critical priorities across our industry.” 

Michael G. Trotsky, CFA, Executive Director and Chief Investment Officer, MassPRIM: 
“Commitment to diversity and inclusion has to come from the top; this Code is based on principles which provide best practices, lays out best practice guidance, and represents an important stake in the ground for companies to signal that they are ready and willing to improve. During my more than 10 years at PRIM, I’ve seen the impact of making cultural changes at our organization to foster a diverse and inclusive environment. By adopting this Code, signatories can lead our industry to be more inclusive and ensure the trust of employees, partners, and members of the public at large.”   

Joan A. Payden, CFA, Founder and CEO Payden & Rygel: 
“From our inception 38 years ago, our emphasis on collaboration where competition is external rather than internal has allowed us to cultivate an inclusive culture where all voices are heard, respected, and where constructive debate is encouraged. At Payden, we believe this cultural feature, coupled with a focus on passion and commitment, enhances our client relationships and allows us to attract the best talent, which supports improved investment results. We see the importance of being a leader in our industry, which suffers from underrepresentation of various groups, and we are committed to being part of solutions like the CFA Institute DEI Code to close those gaps.”

Development of the DEI Code

In March 2020, the CFA Institute Inclusion & Diversity Steering Committee tasked a DEI Code Working Group with developing a set of principles to drive greater DEI within the investment industry. The DEI Code Working Group consists of members of CFA Institute Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Steering Committee, DEI practitioners, and investment professionals. CFA Society Boston is proud to have had members of society leadership serve on both the Steering Committee and the Working Group.

An exposure draft was published in July 2021. CFA Institute and CFA Society Boston sought feedback on the Code’s Principles, requirements, and recommendations from industry participants, regulators, and other stakeholders during the consultation period.
Questions on the DEI Code?
Email [email protected] or visit CFA Institute here.